essential oils for wellness

Smoothie Bowl

Young Living offers a variety of oils + products for our wellness, including oils for every kind of support. They can provide support for our gut health + our immunity. As we use our oils, their compounds work synergistically within our bodies to provide very significant benefits to various systems within the body. They can be an amazing tool in supporting overall wellness.


They can also provide very targeted support within our bodies when we are needing healing in a specific area. YL has an entire line of supplements, some that are more generalized like daily multi vitamins + probiotics, and some that are more specific for things like heart, brain + digestive support. 


Young Living also has an entire 'vitality' line of oils that are safe for internal consumption. These can be used in baking + cooking, in herbal teas or other drinks, as well as put into a capsule to take internally. Each bottle is labeled with specific usage, so please read before using internally. I do not recommend taking other oil brands internally.

Vitality Oils

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