Starter Kit

when you start your journey with a kit

Young Living has thoughtfully put together the perfect starter kits for their members to begin their journey in such a well rounded way, including oils + supplements for total body wellness + support for all of your body systems. Each oils kit comes with a diffuser of your choice (4 to choose from), 11 commonly used oils, samples of thieves cleaner + ningxia red, as well as samples, a product guide + an essential oils magazine. You also get the perks of a wholesale member, including 24% off everything they sell, the option to sign up for their customizable monthly wellness box, the option to take part in their referral program and/or compensation plan, as well as access to our online community.


here is a breakdown of everything at a glance:

+ a diffuser (a few to choose from)

+ 12 oils + 2 roller fitments for instant topical use

+ sample of the thieves cleaner

+ 2 packs of ningxia red (antioxidant wolfberry drink)

+ thieves hand purifier

+ full product catalog

+ essential oils magazine

+ 24% off wholesale membership

+ ability to earn points back + freebies on your purchases

+ your own personal refferal link

+ phone, email + live chat support from Young Living

+ option to participate in their generous compensation plan


+ our beautiful team booklet that tells you how to use your whole kit

+ a lush welcome postcard set with roller + diffuser blends +  more

+ a welcome package from me filled with oily goodness

+ me as your guide to help you with any questions you may have

+ access to my teams product groups filled with education, free mentorships, videos + more

+ the option to join my team as a business builder

+ monthly newsletter with promos

+ news from our community leaders

+ access to weekly product education emails from our community leaders

+ shareable resources for all of your business needs if you join our leadership team

+ an incredible sisterhood to walk alongside you throughout your journey

Welcome Package

Our oils kits are the perfect way to begin your journey with essential oils, but we also have other options to sign up as a wholesale member, and you would still get all the same perks listed above. These include a Thieves Home Cleaning Kit, Savvy Minerals Makeup Kits, or a Ningxia Red Kit. Message me for details.



When you sign up as a distributor, that does NOT mean you have to sell, ever! It just means you get the wholesale discount for life (if you spend just $50 in a year!). Many people mistake this when signing up and chose retail out of fear they are signing up for doing the business. You DO have the option as a distributor to do the biz (talk to me if you want to learn more), but you NEVER have to and there is ZERO commitment when signing up as a distributor. So make sure to chose that 'member' option with ease of mind when signing up, otherwise you will have to pay full price for all your oils, and who wants to do that?