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I welcome you to follow along my journey using Young Living essentials oils + all of their other amazing natural products for your home, body, mind + spirit.  After years of loving essential oils I have decided to turn my love into a business with YL.  Their oils come with a seed to seal promise, giving you top quality, 100% pure therapeutic-grade oils.  There are endless possibilities for their use and transformative benefits.


Here's an excerpt straight from Young Living...

"Lovingly harvested from farm-grown and wildcrafted plants, herbs, and trees, essential oils are concentrated plant extracts obtained by careful steam distillation, cold pressing, or resin tapping. These pure essential oils are far more powerful than the botanicals from which they are extracted. We offer hundreds of single oils, blends, and oil-infused products, each containing the optimal level of specific, naturally occuring constituents to maximize their potency. Whether you use oils for aromatherapy, personal care, or household solutions, every aspect of daily life can benefit from the incorporation of essential oils!"


I personally love using essential oils in my daily life to replace so many toxic chemicals from my home + body, as well as making my home smell oh so good + promoting general wellness for many ailments when they come along. They have been a wonderful step in creating a more balanced + non-toxic lifestyle. Now, give me all the Lavender!!!

Young Living offers an incredible Premium Starter Kit with all you need to get started on your oily journey. What you get with it: 

+ a diffuser (a few to choose from)
+ 11 oils + a roller fitment for instant topical use
+ 10 mini amber sample bottles
+ 10 sample oil packets
+ 2 packs of ningxia red (antioxidant wolfberry drink)
+ full product catalog
+ essential oils magazine
+ 24% off wholesale membership
+ your own personal refferal link
+ our beautiful team booklet that tells you how to use your whole kit
+ a lush welcome postcard set with roller + diffuser blends +  more
+ an amber roller bottle with a sample of an oil outside of the kit
+ me as your guide to help you with any questions you may have
+ access to my teams product groups filled with education, free mentorships, videos + more
+ the option to join my team as a business builder

When you sign up as a distributor, that does NOT mean you have to sell, ever! It just means you get the wholesale discount for life (if you spend just $50 in a year!). Many people mistake this when signing up and chose retail out of fear they are signing up for doing the business. You DO have the option as a distributor to do the biz (talk to me if you want to learn more), but you NEVER have to and there is ZERO commitment when signing up as a distributor. So make sure to chose that 'member' option with ease of mind when signing up, otherwise you will have to pay full price for all your oils, and who wants to do that?


Oils one by one

starter kit cost

 click here  TO  BUY  OILS / jOIN  MY  TEAM! 

I would absolutely love to have you on my team! To enroll with my group, make sure the number 11964959 appears in both the Enroller and Sponsor ID fields. 


O P T I O N  O N E /  W H O L E S A L EM E M B E R

( click here) R E C O M M E N D E D

  • No renewal fee; simply purchase a minimum of $50pv of product per year and your account stays active
  • No order minimum – order whenever you like, as often as you like at 24% off retail prices
  • Although Young Living calls their wholesale customers “Distributors” this does NOT mean that you are signing up to sell oils and there is absolutely no pressure to do so – ever.
  • Member number to share with friends; if they order using your member number, you’ll receive compensation (but, again, enrolling as a “Distributor” does NOT mean that you have to share oils with anyone; although, once you discover how wonderful they are, it will be hard not to tell your friends!)



O P T I O N  T W O / R E T A I L  C U S T O M E R

(click here)

  • No starter kit required.
  • Order products whenever you would like (but pay 24% more than a wholesale customer).

I love that these are both options because it makes it all about the products without any pressure whatsoever to “share” oils. However, I doubt you would  regret enrolling as a wholesale "Distributor" customer. The Starter Kit investment is very quickly recovered with the savings off of retail pricing. 



E S S E N T I A L  R E W A R D S :

When checking out with your starter kit, feel free to select "no thank you" for the Essential Rewards, OR choose a package and ship them together for extra savings. If you don't want a package and you just want one to customize your own, follow these instructions: 

+ Go into Essential Rewards

+ Click continue to autoship

+ Click EDIT 

+ Click add product 

+ Click Save

I strongly recommend this. You get 10-25% back in points each month, you can purchase products that you would be buying anyways (shampoo, vitamins, toothpaste, dishsoap, bug repellent, baby wipes, etc) while hitting that 100 PV (product value, which is typically one point per dollar) to get commissions, discounted shipping and more! You do not have to sign up with a package, you can tailor it to meet your needs. This is the only way to make commissions if you are interested in building a business. You can cancel anytime. 



something for everyone + not just oils!!!


Feel free to message me at anytime!