essential oils for your home


Essential oils can be used for your home in so many ways, from deep cleaning to simply making it smell good. I love having a diffuser in every room in my home to use at various times throughout the day. I keep one near my kitchen to use during the day or when things get a bit uh, musty, from forgetting to take out trash + I'll diffuse Purification or Citrus Fresh. I keep one in my office space + diffuse Clarity or Peppermint when I need to mentally focus. I keep one next to my bed at night + diffuse Lavender, Cedarwood + White Angelica for sleep support. I just got one for my covered porch as well where I can diffuse Citronella + Lemongrass for those pesky bugs! 

But beyond making your house smell yummy (as well as giving purpose to those smells as opposed to synthetic candles or air fresheners) Young Living has a whole plant-based cleaning line. They have household cleaner, hand soap, dishsoap + laundry soap all powered by their trademark Thieves oil blend. You can use the concentrated cleaner for anything from light cleaning to deep de-greasing, and b/c it is concentrated, the bottle lasts soooo much longer than conventional cleaners. We have been able to ditch all of our conventional cleaners to just one bottle of Thieves cleaner + it lasts us 10 times as long at least, which means less plastic waste! It also boosts our immune system while cleaning b/c of the ingredients, instead of breaking down our immune system like most conventional cleaners. #winwin




+ Put 2 capfuls in a large bowl of hot water and soak essential oil roller and dropper bottles for a good cleaning between uses
+ Use undiluted on stuck on adhesives as a natural way to remove goo
+ Dab onto stubborn laundry stains as a pre wash stain remover
+ Dilute a capful in water and soak extra-smelly sports equipment and activewear
+ Use to remove stains and cloudiness on plastic food storage containers
+ Keep solution fairly concentrated to remove hard water build-up and soap scum
+ Dilute and spray on plants suffering from pests and/or mold
+ Remove fingerprints and streaks on glass and stainless steel
+ Lightly mist on filter of vacuum to remove smells
+ Sanitize cutting boards and porous cooking surfaces
+ Use diluted to remove carpet stains and spills
+ Neutralize smells from pet and kid accidents
+ Sanitize dishwasher between uses by running 1 capful of thieves through an empty cycle
+ Put 2 caps full in a sink of hot water to soak pots and pans with tough stuck on food
+ Washing machine smell musty? Spray inside of barrel and run a capful of Thieves concentrate through a cycle
+ Make a soft scrub with Thieves cleaner, water and baking soda: scrub grout, bath tubs, inside of sink, cook tops, inside of oven etc.
+ Clean and safely sanitize kid’s toys by spraying with thieves and wiping down. Thoroughly clean bath toys by soaking in warm water with 2 capfuls of Thieves Cleaner
+ Put half a capful in a small spray bottle with water and keep in your purse or diaper bag. Spray down restaurant tables, shopping cart handles, gym equipment, toilet seats, public restroom changing tables all-the-germy-things
+ Clean your car - interior and exterior/ windows/ tires/ dashboard you name it!
+ Refresh and clean wood cabinets and wood floors. Add a couple of drops of orange or lemon essential oil to make your wood glow!
*** Tip: always spot test in a hidden area before using Thieves on all of your surfaces. I use Thieves e v e r y w h e r e and have never run into any trouble – but it’s best to check for yourself!

Aria Diffuser

favorite diffuser blends

CLEAN + FRESH // 2 drops citrus fresh + 2 drops lemon
SLEEP TIGHT // 2 drops lavender + 2 drops copaiba
UNWIND + UPLIFT // 2 drops stress away + 2 drops peppermint
IMMUNE BOOST // 2 drops thieves + 2 drops lemon
HAPPY // 2 drops peppermint + 3 drops frankincense
PERK UP // 3 lemon + 2 drops peppermint
FIGHT THE COLD // 3 drops raven + 2 drops thieves
SEASONAL SUPPORT // 3 drops lavender + 3 drops lemon + 2 drops peppermint


ANTHRO BLEND // idaho blue spruce + orange + grapefruit + geranium
FREE SPIRIT // patchouli + sacred frankincense + sacred mountain + palo santo
SUNSHINE // citrus fresh + stress away
BOHEMIAN GODDESS // patchouli + valor
CENTERED // vetiver + orange + cedarwood
GROUNDING // frankincense + northern lights black spruce
MEDITATE // sacred frankincense + sacred mountain

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