essential oils + our emotions


Many people think that essential oils are just to make your home smell good or to benefit you with specific health ailments... But they can actually support us on a much deeper level. Our olfactory (smell) sense is almost directly connected to the limbic system, meaning simply inhaling essential oils can have an immediate and profound effect. The limbic system of the brain is primarily responsible for our emotional life and also controls functions including adrenaline flow, behavior, motivation, long-term memory, and olfaction.

We can use these oils as another tool in our personal life toolkit, just as we would relaxation methods through yoga or meditation. They are one more layer of the 'whole'. We store our emotional traumas in the body, whether they be big or small. Using essential oils in conjunction with therapy, mediation, yoga, stillness, massage, breath work, or any other method of releasing stored toxins in our body can help aid in the process. They can be used for grounding, calming, releasing, connecting with a higher power or consciousness + so much more. They can also be used to aid the body in proper gut health + hormone balancing (along with a healthy lifestyle to facilitate these things). Many factors go into our emotions, and these are just one way to guide your body into balance.

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