monthly wellness box // essential rewards

essential rewards

Essential Rewards is Young Living's optional monthly wellness subscription box. You get to choose the products YOU want each month, you get to choose the date you want it to ship (and change it as many times as you want before it processes), you get to choose the amount you spend over 50PV to qualify.

THE PERKS: You get 10-25% back on everything you spend on Essential Rewards. You can redeem these points for FREE product! You also get discounted shipping rates + the option to use your personal referral link with family and friends + get your oils for free if you wish! 

If you are going to be ditching + switching your household products for non-toxic, plant based ones, this is the way to go. Everything shows right up on your doorstep each month. Take the money you would normally be spending at Target or the grocery store on your every day products and spend them on your ER order and get points back + free product for doing so! It's a win win! 

You have the option to sign up for Essential Rewards when you are signing up. I suggest adding a full bottle of the Thieves cleaner b/c you are going to fall in love with it and wish you had more. Maybe throw in the laundry soap or some Aromabright toothpaste or a VALOR ROLL-ON!!! You will thank me later. Oh, and did I mention you can cancel at anytime? But you probably won't want to b/c it's just so good.