On July 3rd our little Ava Pearl turned ONE YEAR OLD. It's so hard for me to believe it's been a full year since her birth.  This has been the fullest, fastest, sheer heart exploding year of my life. This girls fills up so many holes in my heart and she cures the woes of life just through her smile alone.  She is more than I could of ever dreamt of.

We felt beyond blessed with our friends + family who came to celebrate with us!

Here's a peak into her party... #givemeallthemacrame

Her beautiful high chair macrame is from Ket Mercantile. The large one behind her is from Pretty Kooky. The wood slice under her cake is from Nature Bound. Her adorable cake was made by my bestie!  The deer toppers are from etsy here.  The macrame tipi is by Diane Rudge.