Our newest obsession is OM Baby!!!  They have some seriously good bohemian baby wears, including rompers, harem pants, dresses and more!  Best part is it's a small mama run shop, my favorite kind to support.  Ava is wearing the Meadow Romper.  I love how it ties in the back.  It's completely adjustable, so it will transition with her as she grows for a while. 

Ava was having so much fun trying to get Banjo to play with her during this little photo session.  She was swinging the fringe curtain back and forth for him, and chasing his tail.  They are really becoming buds lately.  Banjo has mellowed out alot and I think Ava is learning her limits.  It's so sweet to watch them play together.  She pays attention to what Banjo likes and she gets his attention by showing him toys she knows he likes.  One smart cookie!