Hi friends! Today as I was getting ready for the day I noticed a difference in the way my skin looked when I saw myself in the mirror. Before I put any makeup on I noticed my skin looked noticeably clean, smooth + even in complexion. My skin without makeup is usually blotchy with red spots, dry patches, large pores, sometimes light acne and just all kinds of uneven. 

I might be jumping the gun here in believing it's b/c of this new skincare line I started using just 4 days ago, but I'm excited to continue using it everyday to see! I added the ART skincare line from Young Living to my normal daily routine that I am going to share here. The best part is, I got it for FREE with my Essential Rewards points! The packaging is so pretty... it reminds me of my Nanna in the best of ways. 

ART skincare line
ART skincare line

The ART Gentle Cleanser is a light foamy wash that you simple massage into your skin with wet hands and then rinse off. It is very gentle and doesn't leave my face dry like many cleansers do. It is infused with Frankincense, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Melissa, Lemon + Lavender oil.

The ART Refreshing Toner is so yummy. One of the best toners I've ever used. It is infused with the same oils as the cleanser, as well as Peppermint + Green Tea extract. 

The ART Light Moisturizer leaves your skin feeling so soft. I have always just used oils on my face b/c I never found a moisturizer I loved. This one is changing my mind. On days when my skin is feeling extra dry during the winter months, I still use my oil routine after this that I'll share below. This baby has Purple Orchid flower extract in it! So fancy.

I definitely feel so pampered using this regimen. It's pretty much elevated this mama's routine and I can feel my skin glowing b/c of it. Now I can't wait to try more of their self care products. 


On days when my skin is really acting up with dry patches I use the Rose Ointment + add a drop or two of Frankincense and rub on my face. Usually I'll do this at night before bed. I use this ointment on everything from my face to my cuticles to my breasts when they are dry from nursing. 

My "radiant" face rollers changes from time to time. Right now it's filled with Frankincense + Manuka oil, topped off with sweet almond oil + vitamin E oil. I have been using this day + night for a few months now. It helps keep my face moisturized and smells so good. But I have definitely noticed a huge difference since I added in the ART skincare line. 

Oh, and I kicked my makeup remover to the curb a while back as well as it was filled with toxic yuck. I now make my own DIY remover pads that I keep in a little glass canning jar. Just mix 1 tbsp distilled water + 1 tbsp witch hazel + 2 tbsp V6 oil or fractioned coconut oil + 4 drops of lavender oil in the jar and then fill with cotton rounds. You may have to double the recipe to fill your jar. These babies will take off all your makeup, including your mascara and leave your face feeling so soft. And it smells so good! 

*please do not use any ol' oils from the store, these are often filled with fillers and are not meant to be used topically. this post is specific to Young Living oils only* Want to learn more about oils or get some for yourself? Check out my page here