A little series I'm thrilled to feature here is called Made With Love, featuring some of my favorite handmade baby things!  Out of all of Ava's clothing + toys, the handmade ones are always my favorite. 

1 // Birdie Romper by Five Little Moons - This little romper made from a vintage tea towel has to be one of the sweetest things in Ava's closet.  I cannot wait until she fits into it.  Ava means 'like a bird' and birds have always held a huge spot in my heart.  I love rompers like these b/c they can be worn as is in the summer or layered up over long sleeves + pants in the winter.  This shop only sells one of a kind items, but they constantly have so many sweet ones like this.  But they go fast, so you have to keep your eye open for updates!  Follow them at @fivelittlemoons on instagram to be in the know.

2 // Bonnet by Foothill Fawn - I am so in love with Foothill Fawn.  They make the sweetest bonnets + clothing.  I am so glad I snagged this bonnet when I did b/c the print is sold out.  She uses limited vintage materials, so once things are sold out they are gone forever!  The quality of their bonnets is amazing. 

3 // Wooden Teether by Wild Creek Co. - I love wooden teethers as an alternative to plastic ones.  We have both kinds, but these are my favorites.  As far as Ava's concerned, it's a toy also, so win win!

4 // Plushie from Sleepy King - I have been in love with Sleepy King for years.  I just adore all her little pint size plushies.  I hope to one day have Onion and Vanilla from her velveteen collection.  These babies are all hand stitched with love!