These are some of my favorite photos of Ava!!!  I have so many little photoshoots that I have done with her just waiting to be posted. This was from a few months ago already.  I love love love her in these baggie harem pants from Om Baby. These things will grow with her for quite a while! And of course her Love Your Mother onsie from The Bee and The Fox, that I'm pretty sure she might of grown out of already.

It's so wild how much she has grown since this day. She is becoming such a little girl, scaling all the furniture preparing herself to walk. She is not a baby anymore. I mean she is totally still my baby, but she is fully a toddler now!  Feels like it happened overnight.

Watching her blossom into her own self is so magical. She is so silly + becoming so affectionate. I won't lie and say every moment is magic... we have our times of pure frustration, tears, melt downs and tantrums. But usually it's for a reason and I just remind myself of that. We are learning boundaries and sometimes that can be hard work. But then look at that face, I have my work cut out for me!!!