Our first wildflowers of the season have been popping up in our yard.  A few years ago we spread some seeds from the wild seed farm in Fredricksburg.  I love watching them sprout each year.  These little flowers were the perfect excuse to do a spring shoot with my babe.  I'm so smitten with her budding Poor Pitiful Pearl collection.  This birdie halter is one of my favorites.  It's meant to be a top for when she is bigger, but it works as a dress now.  I love that many of her pieces will last years when most baby clothes don't last very long.  And this bonnet from Foothill Fawn is just my favorite. 

Ava is not standing on her own yet, but with a little assistance and some wobbling she is doing great!  But most importantly, those cheeks!!!! (and those facial expressions!) I have never loved anything so much in my whole life.  And I love the perspective of her next to those wildflowers, that to me look like small flowers, to her they must look so big!