In 2016 I had the honor of crossing paths with Amber from Bohemian Soul Creations.  We did a few trades and from then on it's been a full on love fest with her new boho baby line.  This little kimono is one of my favorites.  I have teamed up with her to give my readers here a chance to win $50 to anything in her shop!  She is adding all sorts of new stuff this year too and I can't wait to see where it goes.  She finds the yummiest textiles for your little babes and many of them are unisex.  She even makes a few mama + babe styles!!!  Go check out the giveaway on instagram to enter at @mamabirdlittlewing

In this little 2 part shoot Ava is also wearing a feather onsie from Skyline Fever + one of a kind bell bottoms from Poor Pitiful Pearl.