Since I bought my Starter Kit with Young Living I have been incorporating essential oils into my daily routines way more often.  I have used + loved oils for years, but I have been really inspired lately to learn all I can about them and use them in a more pro-active way.  I thought I would share a few of my favorite uses along the way here.  Our bedtime routine has become so much sweeter since incorporating these oils.  There were weeks where I was not sleeping well.  It would take me hours to fall asleep + many nights I would wake up in the wee hours and just lay there.  Ava and I still co-sleep + now that she is down to 1-2 naps during the day, our night's sleep is oh so important. 

I began diffusing this trio of oils + it has worked like a dream.  It's rare now that I can't fall asleep, or wake up + stay up in the night.  There are many nights where I won't wake up until morning time, which has been incredible!!!  The night's that I don't diffuse, I can tell a big difference.  There are many different combos that people have found helpful, but this is what has worked for me:

2 drops of lavender + 1 drop of copaiba + 1 drop of gentle baby. I also roll Rutavala or Tranquil on the bottoms of my feet. (they are currently out of rutavala, but Tranquil works just as good!) It's a combination of lavender, cedarwood + roman chamomile.  On nights when Ava is really teething, I will apply 1 drop of copaiba neat to her swollen gums and/or dillute 1 drop of lavender + 1 drop of copaiba with coconut oil and apply to the outside of her jawline.  This little group of oils have been game changers for me.

I have also been using specific oils for hormone support, and I believe this has been a huge help too with my sleep as well, but that is a whole different post!

I created a page dedicated to oils if you have any interest.  I will also be hosting a class on facebook on August 10th called Oils 101, an introduction to oils for any level of oil user (or non-user). If you are interested, just go to my Mama Bird Little Wing Essentials page on fb and look for the Oils 101 class and click 'going' to join.