Growing up, Easter was a big deal in my family.  Not in the traditional sense really, but my parents threw a yearly party at their house on easter and all of our family and their friends would come and bring food and the best of times.  It was such a given annual thing that invites didn't even need to be sent.  People just start showing up and bringing things and helping my mom cook and before you knew there would be well over 100+ people mingling inside and outside all day long.  People would stay late in the night and there would be a bonfire.  Pretty much some of the best memories were made during those parties.  I miss them so much.  Easter has been very different since my mom passed away.  We had a few get togethers with our core family members a couple of times, but the past few years we have made a new tradition with James parents to go drive to see wildflowers, go to the wild seed farm in fredricksburg and go out to eat somewhere.  While this is no huge gathering like the good ol' days, it has become a special day for us since we don't get to get out very often with his folks.  It was so fun to have Ava along for the ride this year!

James surprised us by hiding easter eggs around the house for both Ava and I. It was so sweet and thoughtful and totally unexpected.  He stuffed the cutest things in Ava's eggs... mostly pieces of nature, a little stuffed owl and a cat toy for Banjo!  She thought the eggs were pretty stellar.

Her little kimono was handmade by my mama when I was a baby.  I just happened to rummage through her drawers to find an easter outfit and came across it.  I had completely forgotten about it!  It fit her just perfect.  I love that she saved these things for me.  I wish so bad she could be here in the physical sense to see her granddaughter.  I treasure these things.  I hope one day Ava treasures all the things I'm going to save for her.

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