I'm excited to share a few of my favorite things here in this space.  Starting off with these 3 simple things...

1 // Lexi wooden sunnies from Woodzee - these babies are made of ebony & pear wood and are quality + beauty combined! 

2 // White Sage + Lavender spray from Ebb & Flow - this is simply one of the best smelling sprays I have ever smelled.  I spritz it on myself everytime I leave the house, or even when I just want to smell it.  It's infused with quartz and can be used for not only your body, but your room, linens or yoga mat! 

3 // Mama + Baby ointment from Lala Earth - it's formulated for dry skin, soar nipples or diaper rash.  Made with organic + wild infused olive oil of calendula, marshmallow root, plantain, chamomile, comfrey + grass-fed ghee + local beeswax.  Made for sensitive skin and has no smell so it won't bother your babe.  I have been lucky enough to not get super soar or cracked nipples from nursing, but they do get dry from the constant sucking.  This stuff has been wonderous!  My favorite product of hers that I used before getting pregnant is her breast butter.  This stuff is incredible!!!  I look forward to using it again once I'm done breastfeeding.