Hello friends, new + old.  I'm so thrilled to have a brand new fresh space to blog in!  I have been blogging for almost a decade now.  Some of you may remember my very beginning with Violet Bella (my first blog named after my late cat + dog, and also ended up being the name of my first jewelry business).  That morphed into Roots & Feathers, which I still run to this day, but I did not want it to end up being a mommy blog, so this space is a new seed for me to share all things motherhood! 

The birth of my babe Ava Pearl has sparked a light in me that quite frankly I thought was lost.  She brings me joy + laughter daily and is teaching me all sorts of things about myself.  I have always felt becoming a mother would be a monumental thing in my life, and without a doubt it has been.  I am excited to share our journey here, and as a bonus, one day Ava will have this as a keepsake (that is if the internet doesn't explode).

Thank you for stepping onto this new path with me.  I am very excited to share all sorts of things mama + babe related, whether it's bohemian style we love, products we use, stories from our daily lives or inspiration from other mamas! 

Follow me at my new cozy home on instagram too at @mamabirdlittlewing for extra inspiration!

Laura Mazurek